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I am a Jungian-oriented therapist based in France. I see clients using Zoom or any other online meeting platform. Sessions are possible in English, French and Dutch.

I have followed several training programs in the domain of psychology, the latest being a 12-month online certificate course on key concepts of Jungian theory and clinical application, aimed at psychotherapists from all fields.

This training program was organised by the Centre of Applied Jungian Studies (CAJS). Classes were taught by a global faculty of senior Jungian clinicians and academics: Dr. Verena Kast, Dr. Murray Stein, Prof. Andrew Samuels, Dr. Mark Winborn, Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath, Dr. Fanny Brewster, Dr. Mary-Jayne Rust, Dr. Helena Bassil-Morozow, Dr. Sue Austin, Dr. Paul Attinello, Dr. Mark Saban and Stephen Farah.


I work under Jungian supervision, which means that I use the services of a Jungian analyst to review my work with clients, as well as my professional and personal development.

Researcher in Geophysics

My initial studies were in the field of Earth Sciences.  After completing a Masters program in Geology at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), I specialised in marine Geophysics with an MSc in Oceanography at Southampton University and a PhD in Geophysics at Imperial College London (UK).

As a researcher for the University of Texas at Austin (US) and Southampton University (UK), I took part in numerous scientific expeditions and international conferences. I also published several articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Then my centre of attention shifted to psychology, more particularly to Jungian psychology.


I write articles on Jungian psychology and philosophy for Espace Francophone Jungien (EFJ) and Jungian Psychology Space (JPS) and I act as their bilingual liaison between the francophone and anglophone Jungian worlds.


I am also the author of a book on childbirth: Making informed decisions on childbirth - One scientist’s international perspective, published under the pen name of Sofie Vantiers.

Personal life and work

I was born in Belgium (Flanders) and currently live in France with my two children.

I am trilingual Dutch / English / French. I teach English at the University of Western Brittany (UBO, in France). This includes teaching for three different Masters programs in Psychology:

- Subjectivity and unconscious Processes: trauma, suffering and exclusion (SPI),

- Social representations, practices and interventions: qualitative and quantitative studies (RESPI),

- Cognition, learning, assessment and remediation: virtual reality and simulation (CAER).

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