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My method consists of employing a nurturing and compassionate listening style and using Jungian concepts and techniques to explore your conscious and unconscious life.

During a 50-minute session you may talk about any problems you are experiencing. I will be present and listen to you with empathy and without any judgment. By exploring your dreams, your fantasies, or simply your life experiences, I will help you to uncover the hidden elements in your unconscious that are seeking recognition.


We discover who we are in a profound way by understanding what is going on deep in our psyche. By bringing to consciousness what was unconscious before we may begin to reduce our internal conflicts and suffering.


The advantage of this method is that it is 100 % respectful of who you are and of your natural boundaries and limitations as a human being. The idea is to draw the answers and solutions from your own unconscious.


Each person is unique, and thus these answers will be different for each person.

Our therapy sessions fall under strict rules of confidentiality and respect for privacy and differing views.

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